How I Went About Mobilizing A Site


I have operated a fairly large blogging website for several years, and recently decided that I was going to alter the site so that mobile readers would have an easy time reading it. I knew that this could increase the popularity of my site as people could read while going about town, and it meant that I could access people who like to read on tablet computers. I found the process of mobilizing my site to be very simple, and was able to do it by altering the front page and the article pages.

The first thing I did while mobilizing my site was to alter the front page. I wanted to have a simple front page that would allow people to quickly pick what article they wanted to read. I did this by designing the page so that it contained the name of my blog, a description and link to our newest article, and then a series of links that would take people to articles from every month. I then included a search bar that would allow for them to look for articles based off of the keyword, and I even included a link that would take people to a random site. This page was extremely simple, and would not require much data for a visitor to load. I put a plug-in on this page that would make it so that my site would format itself for different kinds of devices, and that would recognize when to offer the mobile version of a site to visitors.

I then designed a series of webpages that contained each one of our old blog posts. I tried to keep these blogs as simple as possible. I did this by simply having the text for the blogs. I then included a banner that would allow people to click on the links for more articles, the search bar, and a link that would take them back to the main page. I was able to make it so that a person could read one of our articles with the same data usage as one would use while reading a few emails. I quickly found that our site had a huge spike in readership as we were able to access to two whole new markets of readers.