Using Plug-Ins And Professional Companies To Mobilize A Site

One problem that many companies face, is that they have a professionally designed site that is not useful for mobile visitors. The company probably does not want to redesign the site as it may result in the majority of their viewers being confused by the new format, and it may be very expensive to do so. One of the most simply way to mobilize a site is to use a mobilization plug-in, or to have the hosting company redesign the site so it has a simple and easy to use mobile page.


    • The first method of quickly mobilizing a site involves using a plug-in. This plug-in is able to detect if the visitor is viewing the site with a mobilize device such as a smartphone or tablet. It is then able to detect how big of a screen the mobile device has, and adjust the site so that it fits perfectly on that screen. In most cases, this plug-in is able to do this by simply having a few lines of code included on the page. This means that a person can mobilize a site by finding the right plug-in, and then taking a few minutes to update the site with the code.

However, it is also possible to find plug-ins that allow a company to customize what appears on the mobilized version of the site. Having this mobilization is extremely important if you want to rank well inside googles rankings. A business can quickly design a new front page that will contain such things as the links to the rest of the site, and a description of what services the company offers. This will allow for a business to have a mobile page that works exactly like they want. In addition, this mobilized page is able to allow people to view the site without them having to load such things as graphics, pictures, videos, and interactive features. This can greatly reduce the amount of data they receive when loading a mobile page, which means that visitors do not have to worry about the site eating up their data plan.


  • The second way to mobilize a site with the use of your hosting company. Many hosting companies offer mobilization features as part of their hosting package, or they can simply mobilize a site for a very price. In addition, the ability of a hosting company to mobilize a site for free is something that you should look into the next time you switch hosting companies. The process of having a site mobilized with a hosting company, involves simply telling them that you would like the site mobilized for tablets and/or smartphones. They can then provide you with a preview of what the site will look like on these devices. You can then work with your hosting company in order to refine the mobile versions of the site.