Ways To Make A Mobile Site Work Faster

Mobile sites are those that are designed to work on smartphones and tablets. This means that visitors are frequently using data plans to load a site, and the devices they are using do not have as much computing power as traditional computers. This means that when one goes about mobilizing a site, they should do somethings to make it work faster for these users. This includes cutting down on features that use a large amount of data, and making it so that visitors can still have access to these features.

There are a couple of things that use a large amount of data, and it can make a site work much better by getting rid of them on the mobile version of a site. This usually includes videos, gifs, and large pictures. The best thing to do is to simply get rid of any videos on the mobile version of a site unless the video is absolutely necessary for the site. It is also a good idea to use lower resolution pictures. Frequently, there will be no difference between high and low resolution pictures as viewers are only going to see them on a small screen. Finally, one should cut down the mobile version of a front page so that it is now located on several webpages. This will allow for a visitor to have access to the important information on the main page. They can then access the rest of the front page information by clicking on a link.


Most web design tools will have a feature that allows for you to look at the amount of data that a webpage uses. You can keep track of this data usage as you cut down the desktop version of a page to the mobile version of the site. This will allow you to keep track of your data saving progress, and it will let you see what changes were able to save the most data. It is a good idea to have a data usage goal when designing the mobile version of a webpage as it will allow for you to know that it will still be accessible to mobile visitors while still letting you have a mobile page that is dynamic and contains as many features as possible.

Once you have designed the mobile website, you should make it so that visitors can still have access to some of the data intensive features that you used. This is because visitors may still want to do something such as playing a game, watching a video, or reading a long form article. The best way to go about this is to simply have a link that will take them to a video player. It is possible to have the links for every thing you removed from the old front page, and it means that your site will not lose any functionality by making it mobile.